After being freed by BLLF, Shareef saw a period of difficulty for 3 months. He couldn’t find a job or a place to stay but BLLF helped his family by giving them ration and making efforts for getting their National Identity cards made. His son was finally freed after a recording of the threat call was played in the courtroom.

Shareef now owns a rickshaw and makes a decent living. He has a house, can afford new clothes and his children attend school. 

Rafi was freed by BLLF and his family found stability soon afterwards. Through the knowledge of waterproofing passed down by his father, Rafi and his brothers opened up their own waterproofing business. 

Rafi himself employees a small team of workers and wishes to expand this business, which is already doing well. It is named “Iqbal Construction,” after Rafi’s father. 

Majeedan Bibi and her sons are now free, but BLLF is still making efforts to fully rehabilitate them. They have no identification but have found a place to live. Her sons have yet to find stable jobs. 

But they live a life free from torture and abuse. They can now move freely. Slavery is behind them.